Department of Tourism

Industry-University Collaborative Travel Agency (P311)

The University enjoys a close and successful cooperation with Lion Travel Agency. The agency provides an ideal learning environment for students to participate in the tourism industry.

Flight Service Simulation Room (P312)

The well-equipped Flight Service Simulation Room provides students with opportunities of learning and practicing their service skills, and better understanding air and ground service operations.

Department of Leisure and Recreation Administration

Leisure&Recreation Laboratory (EE801)

In addition to displaying teaching equipment for the Leisure and Recreation Administration Department, the Leisure and Recreation Lab provides opportunities for students to demonstrate their skills in gaming management and campground management.

Golf, Paintball, Arachery Facilities (Outdoor course)

These courts are widely used in several courses, including Leisure Sports, Resort Management, Outdoor Recreation Practices, Leisure and Recreation Facilities Management, etc.

Department of Hospitality Management

Teaching Hotel (T200)

Serving as a simulated hotel environment, the Teaching Hotel offers 12 rooms for students to practice their hospitality service skills.

Visiting Scholar Dormitory (TFF401-411)

Located at International Dormitory, the Visiting Scholar Dormitory has a total of 11 independent units for visiting scholars.

Teaching Kitchen (P110)

The Teaching Kitchen features three sections for students to practice their culinary skills, including the storage area, preparation section, demonstration station and well-equipped cooking station. A variety of cooking equipment and facilities are provided.