faculty and staff


Position /Dean, School of Tourism
Education /Ph.D. in Management Science, College of Management, National Chiao Tung University
E-Mail /jywong@mail.mcu.edu.tw
Telephone /(03)350-7001 Extension 3810
Specialization  /Decision Sciences, Survey Research, Data Mining, Marketing Research, Tourism Management
E-Portfolio /E-Portfolio

Position /Chair, Tourism Department
Associate Professor
Education /Ph.D. , Natural Resources-Forestry, UW-Madison, USA
E-Mail /crlin@mail.mcu.edu.tw
Telephone /(03)350-7001 Extension 3577
Specialization  /Natural Resource Conservation and Management, Forest Ecology, Environmental Education
E-Portfolio /E-Portfolio

Position /Professor
Education /Ph.D. in Management Science, College of Management, National Chiao Tung University
E-Mail /ycchen@mail.mcu.edu.tw
Telephone /(03)350-7001 Extension 5004
Specialization  /Consumer Behavior, Integrated Marketing Communications, Marketing management, Tourism Market Analysis, Media Management, Decision Analysis,Strategic management
E-Portfolio /E-Portfolio

Position /Associate Professor
Education /Ph.D., National Taiwan Ocean University , R.O.C
E-Mail /jtmwang@mail.mcu.edu.tw
Telephone /(03)350-7001 Extension 3586
Specialization  /Marine Tourism, Ecotourism, Tourist behavior, Marine Leisure and Recreation, Environmental Conservation
E-Portfolio /E-Portfolio

Position /Associate Professor
Education /Ph.D., in Marketing, National Sun Yat-Sen University
E-Mail /cmyang@mail.mcu.edu.tw
Telephone /(03)350-7001 Extension 5077
Specialization  /Services Marketing, Consumer Psychology
E-Portfolio /E-Portfolio

Position /Assistant Professor
Education /Ph.D., Centre for Urban and Regional Studies, University of Birmingham, U.K.
E-Mail /cblee@mail.mcu.edu.tw
Telephone /(03)350-7001 Extension 3576
Specialization  /Urban Tourism, Cultural Policy and Urban Regeneration, Place Marketing, Creative Industries
E-Portfolio /E-Portfolio



Huang, Yung-Chuan
Position /Assistant Professor
Education /DBA, Department of Business Administration, National Chiayi University
E-Mail /ych@mail.mcu.edu.tw
Telephone /(03)350-7001 Extension 5006
Specialization  /Travel Agency Management, Tourist Behavior, Tour Planning & Design, Ticketing Management, Festival & Special Event Management
E-Portfolio /E-Portfolio



Yu, Shang-en
Position /Assistant Professor
Education /Ph. D, Graduate Institute of Finance, National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan
E-Mail /yushine@mail.mcu.edu.tw
Telephone /(03)350-7001 Extension 5017
Specialization  /Studies on Tourism and Leisure Economics, Financial Analysis for Tourism and Hospitality, Research Methods in Tourism
E-Portfolio /E-Portfolio



Ku, Pi-Shen
Position /Assistant Professor
Education /Ph. D, Department of Marketing and Tourism Management, National Chiayi University, Taiwan
E-Mail /psku@mail.mcu.edu.tw
Telephone /(03)350-7001 Extension 3574
Specialization  /Tourism Management, Tour Leader Practices, Tourism Industry Analysis, MICE industries management
E-Portfolio /E-Portfolio

Yang, Tzu-Yun
Position /Department Secretary
Education /Master of Science, Tourism Department, Ming Chuan University
E-Mail /tyy@mail.mcu.edu.tw
Telephone /(03)350-7001 Extention 3203

Pan, Tso-Ching
Position /Special Program Clerk
Education /Bachelor of Sport Medicine, China Medical University
E-Mail /rickypan@mail.mcu.edu.tw
Telephone /(03)350-7001 Extention 5317