Mission undergraduate



The mission of Tourism Department is to provide quality learning conditions which emphasis both theory and practice, to educate tourism and travel professionals with professional attitude, service passion, and global vision.


G1. Build theoretical base and strengthen practical training.

G2. Develop professional attitude and service passion.

G3. Educate professionals for tourism and travel industry.

G4. Expand global vision.

Core Competencies

Professional Ability in Tourism and Travel Industries.

1. Has general knowledge and practical application ability in the tourism and travel, hospitality, and leisure and recreation service industries.

2. Has infrastructure and tourism management knowledge and practical application ability.

3. Has capability in operating tourism and travel e-commerce information system.

4. Has capability in tourism resource planning and activity design.

Ability to Think and Solve Problems

1. Can use search methods to perform data collection, organization, interpretation, and analysis.

2. Can integrate professional tourism knowledge to identify problems, locate the key issues, and use logic to develop solutions.

Ability to Communicate and Coordinate Teamwork

1. Can establish interpersonal relationships with excellent interactions.

2. Skilled in exchanging opinions and communicating concepts to others.

3. Can work and cooperate with others to achieve team goals.

Ability to Identify and Practice Ethics in Tourism and Travel Industries.

1. Familiar with legislation related to the tourism industry.

2. Understands professional ethics and the social responsibilities that should be borne by individuals and businesses.

3. Has a professional attitude and passion for service.

Capacity of Global Vision and Local Practice

1. Has a broad view and can understand, respect, and appreciate ethnic cultures from all over the world.

2. Understands Taiwanese cultural traditions and can support localized, sustainable tourism.

Ability to Communicate in Multiple Languages

1. Speak clearly, and with poise.

2. Can communicate fluently and read accurately in Mandarin Chinese and English.

3. Have basic ability in Japanese or another second foreign language.

4. Can communicate in a regional Chinese dialect.