1. College student research programs of the Ministry of Science and Technology

Students of the Department of Tourism (DOT) have demonstrated excellent performance in research and professional practice because of DOT teachers’ meticulous supervision. Each year, we encourage students to apply for college student research project grants provided by the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST). With the guidance of the DOT teachers and the efforts of the students, a total of 19 research projects proposed by students in our department received MOST funding between the 2011 and 2015 academic years. This achievement was unrivalled by similar departments in universities around Taiwan. Furthermore, Han-Yu Chien, with Professor Chun-Ming Yang as advisor, and Yen-Ting Liu, with Professor Ting-Wei Lin as advisor, won the MOST’s College Student Research Creativity Award for the 2013 and 2014 academic years, respectively.

YearStudentsResearch projectsSupervisors
2011Su, Ruei-YingA Survey and Analysis on Passengers' Awareness of Taipei MRT Station Safety RequirementsDr Lin, TW
2011Hou, Siao-CiThe Study of Travel Benefits and Travel Constraints of College StudentsDr Yang, CM
2011Hung, Ai-ChengA Survey and Analysis on Passengers' Awareness of Taipei MRT Station Safety RequirementsDr Sung, YK
2011Wu, XWTourism Web Pages on Facebook Research Between Purpose Image of Traveling, Motive of Travveling and Revisiting Willingness of University StudentsDr Wang, TM
2012Teng, Chun-ChunAn Analysis on Service Quality of Visitor Information Center- A Case Study of Taipei CityDr Lin, TW
2013Hsia, Yu-HsiuThe Exploration of The Cognitive Differences and Adaptive Behavior of Residents and Tourists Impact on Local Festivals- Example of Balloon Fiesta in TaitungDr Hsu, CF
2013Chien, Han-YuInconsistent CSR Information and Its Influences on Consumers' Brand EvaluationDr Yang, CM
2013Hsu, Ching-WenThe Cognition of Taiwan's Well-Known Night Market When International Tourists and Taiwanese Tourists Before/During/After the Trip.Dr Yu, SE
2014Liu, Yan-TingAn Investigation of Sources from Work Stress and Coping Strategies to High Speed Rail of ConductorDr Lin, TW
2014Hsu, ChiaoAdvertised Employee Behavior and Its Influences on Consumers' Preceived Authenticity, Service Expectation and Brand AttitudeDr Yang, CM
2014Lee, Hui-JuThe Nonlinear Operation Performance Evaluation of Aviation Industry for Taiwan, China and Korea Listed CompanieDr Yu, SE
2014Huang, I-ChunDo Volunteer Tourists Actually Fulfill the Agenda on Volunteering? - Opinions of College Students Volunteer Tourists on Negative Criticism about International VolunteersDr Lin, CR
2015Liu, YuA Study on the Regeneration of Urban Unoccupied Space - Mmeimen Arts&Ethics Academy as the CaseDr Lin, CR
2015Chow, Pei-JenA Study of Key Factors on the City Tour Smart Card for Backpacking Innovation Service DesignDr Lin, WT
2015Wang, Hui-WenThe Relationship between Work and Leisure:Conglict or Enrichment of Flight AttendantsDr Wong, JY
2015Chen, Yi-tingInvestigation and Discussion for Spot's Accessible Facility in HsinchuDr Hsu, CF
2016Chung, Yi-HsuanHow Does An Underdog Employee's Story Affect Consumer's Brand AttitudeDr. Yang, CM
2016 Wen, Jia-ChiThe Research on How Important and the Key Factors of the Travel Industry Exhibitor’ and Consumer Visitor’: A Case Study “Taipei International Travel Fair”Dr. Wong, C.Y.

2. Acquisition of professional certificates

In the 2010 academic year, the DOT established a student-learning outcome evaluation system in accordance with the school strategy of Mission, Goals, and Outcome (MGO). Professional certificates are listed as an outcome evaluation item and a graduation threshold. The DOT also offers formal and informal courses as well as funding through the Teaching Excellence Project to help and encourage students to acquire relevant professional certificates. The career and curriculum map design of the DOT specifically indicates the required certificates during student career development to guide the students in their learning progress. In the past 3 years, a majority of DOT students successfully acquired certificates.

Professional certificates acquired by the Bachelor students from 2012 to 2015

Types of professional certificateIn 2012In 2013In 2014in 2015
   In Total6868109471066